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Experience in Banking Helps Non-Bank Clients, Too.
CBK brings a wealth of knowledge to every assignment. The firm was engaged by a Chicago-area hotelier to assist in the refinance and re-branding of two area hotels involving loans of approximately $20,000,000 in the aggregate. The economics of the transactions were tight and there was a substantial risk that the transactions would not be consummated without the cooperation of both the new lenders and the existing lender. CBK, utilizing both our knowledge of the banking industry and a creative approach to problem solving, brought the parties together with a subordinated debt structure that had not previously been considered and satisfied the needs and concerns of the various parties. CBK then guided the parties through the transaction to a successful conclusion.

Successfully Obtaining Unprecedented Jurisdiction Over Foreign Companies.
The owner of copyrights in photographs of fashion models sued two foreign companies for infringement. In response to jurisidictional arguments, CBK successfully asserted complex subject matter and personal jurisdiction arguments. The court’s unprecedented ruling extended the jurisdiction of U.S. courts over foreigners accused of infringing U.S. copyrights and allowed the copyright holder to recover U.S. Copyright Act damages occurring outside of the U.S.

The Client Who Has Never Paid Damages. Ever.
A company, which has been a client for over 70 years, manufactured paints and coatings, some of which contained lead pigment, during its 125  year history.  Plaintiffs, including individuals, school districts and local and state governments have sought hundreds of millions of dollars in damages from our client related to the lead-containing paint it manufactured.  CBK’s creative and vigorous defense has kept our client from paying any damages, by settlement or verdict, and has even kept it from facing trial.

We Turn Deals Around Quickly.
A borrower group agreed to move its banking and lending relationships to a Chicago bank. The bank, however, needed a law firm to finish the deal in two weeks and within the budget mandated by the borrower. When Chicago megafirms told them it could not be done, CBK stepped in and got the deal done – on time and within budget.


Lafeber Company Premium Pet Bird Food and Toys
"My company and I were wrongly sued by a legal firm with 292 attorneys. Their intent was to overpower me with expensive attorneys and legal proceedings so they could take away my company and livelihood, including my ability to support my children. I hired Crowley, Barrett & Karaba. They were a hard working, cost-effective and shrewd law firm that was not afraid to fight in the trenches when the going got tough. CBK gave my case top priority, which would not have happened at a large or even medium-size law firm. With their reasonable rates, I was able to afford an intense two year legal battle. Through strategy, perseverance and an effective use of information technology, CBK saved my company and my livelihood." -- Dr. Ted Lafeber, President & CEO

Grace Brothers, Ltd.
"We have relied on CBK for many of our legal needs for more than 13 years. Our experience with attorneys is extensive and CBK is consistently our 'go to' firm because we know that we will get great no-nonsense advice and service, without all of the hassle common with so many law firms. The firm regularly represents us in major transactions and disputes and supervises a variety of other domestic and foreign law firms on our behalf and we believe that their guidance and oversight helps us achieve very favorable results." -- Bradford T. Whitmore, General Partner

Georgia Nut Company
"Our family-owned business has had many attorneys over the last six decades, but when legal costs began to spiral to the point of being reluctant to call our attorney for advice, we made the switch to CBK. We are very glad we did. CBK counsels us in all of our core transactions, including acquisitions, loans and trade transactions, as well as our litigation and pre-litigation disputes and we appreciate their straight-forward approach and attention to our bottom line." -- Rick Drehobl, CEO

Northside Community Bank
"Our bank has grown tremendously since opening the doors in 1997. CBK has been with us every step of the way and continues to provide excellent advice and service. We are often asked to underwrite and document a loan in a matter of days and CBK is always ready and able to get the job done for us, at a cost that keeps our borrowers happy as well." -- Patricia Clausen, President & CEO

Prairie Bank and Trust Company
"We are pleased to have found a law firm with significant knowledge of our industry and an ability and willingness to step up and get the job done within our timeframe. Their knowledge and understanding of the Laser Pro® lending software really streamlines the attorney review process for us. Our borrowers demand a quick turnaround, and CBK is always able to deliver." -- Mark Trevor, Executive Vice President

Advantage National Bank
"I had a relationship with CBK at my prior bank and was so pleased with their counsel and service that I have engaged them to work with me at Advantage National Bank. Whether it is representing us in loan transactions or providing us with in-house continuing education, my lending team has been very impressed with their knowledge and, most importantly, their responsiveness." -- Fred Gross, Senior Vice President

Peterson Tweeten Development
"We were first introduced to the firm when they represented one of our lenders and were impressed with both their knowledge and their no-nonsense approach - so we retained them ourselves. Since then, they have been instrumental in a variety of critical transactions involving our hotels and we believe that, but for their assistance, a number of our transactions would not have gone forward." -- Rolf Tweeten, Manager

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