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Buying and Selling. Operations. Litigation. We counsel businesses at every stage, from start-up through sale. Our business counsel runs the gamut, from creating new business lines and subsidiaries to the purchase, sale or merger of divisions and entire companies. We also counsel businesses on employment, operational and regulatory matters. When our clients are buying, selling or leasing real estate, we provide the counsel. If our clients face litigation, either prosecuting or defending, CBK is the counsel to whom they turn. From contract disputes to consumer fraud, we create the strategy and steer businesses successfully through the litigation maze, from courtrooms to regulatory agencies. CBK is the Counsel.

Financial. Real Estate. Services. Businesses turn to us, because we focus on businesses. Our clients range from neighborhood businesses and the individuals who run them to the Fortune 400. Our clients are engaged in diverse lines of business, including banking, real estate, manufacturing, energy, venture capital, hospitality, publishing, entertainment, professional services and technology. These businesses rely on CBK because CBK knows their industries and takes the time to understand their businesses. We know what our clients go through to make their businesses successful, and we offer the guidance and legal support needed for nearly every step of the journey. CBK is the Counsel for Businesses.

Loyalty. Consistency. Longevity. Since 1927, CBK has counseled businesses. We have watched our clients evolve throughout the years, and we have stood with them through successes and trials. Our loyalty and consistent counsel leads our clients back to us. We have represented many clients for decades, and we are thankful for the long-standing relationships. We are also mindful that every new day requires new diligence in serving our clients. Since 1927, CBK has been the Counsel Businesses Keep.

Crowley Barrett & Karaba Ltd., 20 South Clark Street, Suite 2310, Chicago, Illinois 60603-1806
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